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‘In a market where everybody seems the same, the one who differs will stand out’ – Differentiation

Our Mission

VELTIA Labs for Life Cyprus operates mainly in in the provision of laboratory and consultancy solutions. Through the ongoing development and the reliability  that characterises us, we have the ability to ensure that the market in general and particularly our clients can obtain the benefits of our first-class servises and cover their need at competitive prices.

Our commitment is to continuously create added value for our employess, society and the shareholders. 

Fundamental values

  • Quality, as a competitive advantage
  • Innovation, as development’s driving force
  • Client Care, as a priority
  • Clear Excellence while maintaining the company’s good reputation, as a leader in its field



Dora Koraki

Mrs. Koraki graduated from the Department of Biology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). Her PhD Thesis, “Study of Natural Streptomyces of the Mediterranean Ecosystems: Genetics and Molecular Analysis of ccc Plasmids”, was on Molecular Microbiology.
She participated as a researcher on the EU-Project SMT4-CT96-2072 “Developments of Methods to Identify Foods Produced by Means of Genetic Engineering Techniques”. In 2001 she established the first accredited laboratory in Greece for the detection of GMOs. Since then she participated in two other national and one European research grants for the development of methods for GMOs quantification.

She has also participated as a researcher in three scientific research grants on biochemical and molecular identification of microorganisms as well as on various European and National research networks in the field of Environmental and Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology. She has been a member of the National Council for Research and Technology of the Hellenic Food Authority Working Group “Genetically Modified Foods” for 2 years. She has 6 publications in International Scientific Journals and participated in 15 International conferences.

She joined our company in 2013 as technical manager of Microbiology and Molecular Laboratory. In 2018 she became the manager of Athens Branch.

Since July 2020 she has taken over the General Directorate of VELTIA CYPRUS Labs for Life.


Anthi Hadjicosti

Anthi Hadjicosti received her Bachelor in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (equivalent to Meng) and holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from European University of Cyprus.

During her career she worked in the Personal Care and Photovoltaic manufacturing Industry. She has an overall ten-year experience in Sales and from 2018 is the Commercial Manager of the company.

She has the responsibility to interact with existing and potential customers to provide and process information in response to enquiries, concerns and requests about the test and sampling services of the laboratory services.


Zena Christofi

Zena Christofi is a graduate of the Biological Sciences department at the University of Leicester. She holds a master’s degree in Medical and Molecular Microbiology, from the University of Manchester. She started her career as an analytical microbiologist at the State Laboratory of Cyprus and continued at Gemanalysis laboratory in 2013, where in 2016 she was positioned as the Technical Manager of the Microbiology department. Since 2018 she still holds the position at Veltia Labs Cyprus.


Cleopatra Charalambous

Cleopatra Charalambous is graduated from the Department of Chemistry of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She holds a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from University of Cyprus. She has worked as a researcher in the University of Cyprus, having 6 publications in international journals and conferences. She worked as analytical chemist at GEMANALYSIS Laboratory. Since 2018, she is the technical manager of chemistry laboratory of VELTIA Cyprus labs for life.

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