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We are very proud of our modern laboratory equipment which enables us to offer high quality results and ensure the safety of every product analyzed.  Well educated and continuously updated personnel is capable of making the best of our latest technology equipment. Some of the parameters tested can be distinguished in the following categories:

  • Residue Analysis in Fruits & Vegetables, Food & Feed, other more specialized substrates eg. Olive Oil
  • Contaminants analysis in various substrates such as Food & Feed, Fruits & Vegetables, Tobacco, Grains & Flours and many others.
  • Quantification of Antibiotics
  • Determination of Toxins
  • Quantification of Preservatives
  • Contaminants in water & waste
  • Radioactivity in water

The labs of VELTIA Group are well equipped with ultramodern instruments such as LC-QTOF for non target analyses, Liquid Chromatography double mass (UPLC-Ms-Ms), Gas Chromatography double mass (GC-Ms-Ms), HPLCs, GCs, Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP_MS), Atomic absorption graphite furnace (ASS-GF), Streaming Photometer (Flow Injection), Liquid Ionic Chromatograph and many more supporting instruments.

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