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Legislation & Labelling Check

Our services mainly concern food, but we also deal with baby food, feed, food supplements and cosmetics.

  • Label check for Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania
  • Label translation from  English  and French for Cyprus, Greece, , Bulgaria and Romania
  • Legislation advice for Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania
  • Formulation of nutrition declaration for EU and USA, based on our laboratory analyses’ results

Issuance of certificates of conformity for Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania

Evaluation of analyses’ results

  • Marketability of Fruits and Vegetables in the EU markets regarding residues (MRLs/ARfDs) and active substances approvals, plus active substances local approvals for Cyprus and Greece
  • Opinions on Organic Fruits and Vegetables based on active substances approvals and/or BNN guides
  • Marketability of food, baby food and feed for any analysis that can be evaluated on a legislative basis (contaminants, additives, microbiological criteria etc.) for Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania

Our team constantly updates on National & European legislation, guidelines & private standards.


Sampling is one of the most determining factors that leads to reliable analysis results. Thus, there are specific instructions for numerous of substrates such as soil sampling, plant tissues and water. VELTIA Labs for Life personnel is trained to perform sampling for all kind of substrates.

Focusing mostly in:

  • Potable Water sampling for microbiological examination according to the regulation.
  • Sampling of wastes for various of parameters (chemical, microbiological, SARS-CoV-2)
  • Food sampling for chemical and microbiological analysis
  • Fruits & Vegetables sampling for pesticides residues analysis
  • Surface sampling (mainly for the touristic sector – hotels, restaurants)

Sampling by VELTIA Labs for Life  team can only take place upon request and scheduling.

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